What is a speed date?

speed date

A fun way to meet many people in mini-dates of about 5 minutes hence the term speed date.  You sit face to face, usually across a table and you note down which people you clicked with. Later, the ‘matches’ are entered in and the organizer lets people know if they have a match and they connect up, to get to know each other better.

This may happen at the event or it may happen completely separately after the event.

The benefits of a speed date

One main benefit of a speed date is that you see the person in real life and instead of spending hours texting you can tell right away what level of chemistry there may be. It saves time and is a very convenient way to find people that you would be interested in.

The other benefit is that its a great use of time and is very efficient. You couldn’t possibly meet 15 people in an hour and filter down to a handful you like, in any other way but speed dating.

Another benefit is that its more authentic. You know the person in front of you is 35 and not 55. Or is not someone short, pretending to be 6 ft tall. There is a certain degree of authenticity to it.

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