So you are at the hotel now. You are pacing the floor waiting for the event to start. You say to yourself: Just relax. Be calm. That’s great advice and a top speed dating tip. There is no need to be too excited. Bring your normal, open, relaxed self to… Read More
What is Organic Dating? Organic dating is defined as the most natural way to date, for instance, when you meet someone face to face. Taken to an extreme, it is the idea that you meet someone in your daily life without any plan or contrivance.  It does not involve any… Read More
Dating has been around ever since the human race began, and even before it, with Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. And speed dating, or some version of it has probably been around for centuries too, it just wasn't formalized and never called that. Let's explore what speed dating is, and why it… Read More
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