Top Ten Speed Dating Tips

speed dating tips

So you are at the hotel now. You are pacing the floor waiting for the event to start. You say to yourself: Just relax. Be calm. That’s great advice and a top speed dating tip. There is no need to be too excited. Bring your normal, open, relaxed self to the event.Getting nervous; being tense; or being late and shabby, will not help. Here are some speed dating tips to remember, so you can speed date more effectively:

Come a bit early

You should not be rushed. Observe the people and get familiar and comfortable with the surroundings

Be alert

Don’t speed date if you have been drinking or are on medications that slow you down too much. You need to be presenting yourself in an alert fashion and also taking in all you can actively. The speed dating session could be an hour or longer and you will need some stamina

Be well presented

Be well dressed and neat.

Practice your simple elevator pitch.

What is your essence? In a minute or less. Figure out a simple script that explains who you are, what you like to do and maybe even what you are looking for in life. Don’t be too dramatic or too deep in this script as the speed date is just an initial meeting and you only have a minute or so.

Don’t be nervous or cocky – be cheerful and relaxed

Being confident is a turn on for most of the opposite sex, but being too cocksure is not. Make sure you keep your overconfidence in check.

Listen actively and learn

When your date is talking, listen carefully and reflect if necessary. i.e. reflect back the idea to ensure you understand

Pick up on non-verbal clues about the person

Over 80% of human communication is in the body language. Are they squinting, pupils dilating, squirming uncomfortably, talking disinterestedly or behaving in an engaged, interested manner.

Make simple, short notes on your match card

So you may decipher them easily, later and so you don’t say too much that others might read.

Leave on a good note before you move to the next table

Try to leave a positive impression. Smile, say something nice. You never know if they will be your match.

Don’t monopolize the conversation.

As most speed dates are about 4-5 minutes in length, the idea is to talk for about half the time and listen for about half the time. Give your date about an equal time to express her or his thoughts and ideas.


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