Speed dating in action

Dating has been around ever since the human race began, and even before it, with Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. And speed dating, or some version of it has probably been around for centuries too, it just wasn’t formalized and never called that. Let’s explore what speed dating is, and why it might help you to

Meet that certain someone

If you are a busy person you probably meet many people. And though you probably have no problem meeting people, it’s not that easy to meet the right person you might click with. Life is fast. Life is busy. Work is not always the best place to meet someone. You need some help in increasing the chances of meeting someone who could be the one.

Enter speed dating.  It’s a fun, low-pressure, no strings attached way to meet a lot of local professional singles, face-to-face. It was originally created as a way to help Jewish singles meet and marry.

With today’s mobile, always on world, you can connect with potential dates anywhere, anytime, online, practically on-demand. You can exchange texts forever or exchange emails for weeks.

But is that any substitute for seeing the person in real life, right away?? Being able to talk with them, read their body language and see if there is real chemistry there?

With speed dating you get that 5 minute mini-date and follow up if there is interest. If there was mutual interest, you get a match and the organizers let you know so you can get together with the date at the event or later on.

The key benefits of speed dating are:

Its real life

You meet in person and can judge the person and see whether there is chemistry. Sure, 5 minutes isn’t enough to judge the person, their life and determine lifetime compatibility, but you get a much better feel in real life than scrolling through pictures online.

Its efficient

It saves you a lot of time and energy. Many people are very busy and just don’t have the time to be trolling and searching web based dating apps, or going through the hit and miss of dating agencies. How else can you meet 10 or even 15 potential matches in about an hour? It’s a concentrated form of dating that helps you see who’s out there and filter based on real time assessment in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Its more authentic

People who are engaged in speed dating are more likely to be genuine and less likely to be exaggerating. You won’t find a guy who says he’s tall and ends up being way shorter than you. Or a woman who posts 10 year old slim pictures of herself online and ends up looking really different in person! Or a person who says they are local but live two states away.

Bottom line on speed dating

With speed dating you are increasing the odds in your favor of meeting and gelling with the right person faster, more easily and more genuinely than many of the other methods out there. Its relatively low cost in time, effort and spending and pretty high return, in results. If nothing else, its worth a try. The more you do it the higher the chances you meet someone you like.

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