Organic Dating – Is it really good for you?

Organic dating

What is Organic Dating?

Organic dating is defined as the most natural way to date, for instance, when you meet someone face to face. Taken to an extreme, it is the idea that you meet someone in your daily life without any plan or contrivance.  It does not involve any kind of electronic or other assistance such as a dating or matchmaking agency (It’s Just Lunch comes to mind as a famous one) online web applications (like, or mobile apps (like Tinder or Grindr for gays) or speed dating or even singles groups and events. In it purest form organic dating is about you meeting someone by chance, liking them, approaching them and getting to date them, as a next step.

Organic Dating Opportunities

The natural, face to face way of connecting could be achieved via a number of methods that could include meeting at a

  • party or wedding
  • bar or pub
  • grocery store or shop
  • place for children’s activities
  • sports event
  • job site or workplace

Is Organic Dating Better?

Some matchmaking experts swear by it. They say it is the best method out there. Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. The ‘organic dater’ is not looking for someone and is not out there playing the field. They are open to something but are not spending all their time looking, chatting with multiple people all the time (online or email) and not really being available.
  2. The typical online dater has created a ‘robot spec’ of the person they want. “He must be between 5ft 8 and 6ft 2 inches in height, have blue eyes and finished a graduate degree”. If anyone falls outside that ‘robot spec’ they are not considered. This is brutal for the would be suitors but also bad for the specifier as they will be excluding some pretty great matches because of the filters in place.

Being Ready to Date Organically

When thinking of ‘going organic’ you have to also develop yourself to have the confidence and the follow up ability to actually make contact and progress it to a successful conclusion.i.e. getting the next meeting or date !

To do so well there are many coaches and books out there. Link to this page to get a list of books and a list of dating coaches.

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