Dating when you haven’t dated for a while

Dating after years

Dating after years

You might be recently divorced or coming back to dating after a dating vacation of several years. Or you could just have been unavailable for months or years due to partner fatigue or workaholism or something else like contentment with being single! .
Whatever your situation, if you haven’t dated for a few years you are going to face some interesting times now, as things have changed a lot. For instance you might ask yourself, should I join a dating website?
There are many online dating sites now. They have oodles of people looking online for their partner, like:

There are even specialist web sites for tall people, or young people or Christians, or country folk or large people…

But are dating sites the best place to be? Or should you go find that person in a bar or in a singles event or at church, or even speed dating? Or should you just wander around waiting for serendipity to hit? It’s worth reading the following blog to get some ideas

Dating organically

If you choose to let chance hit you and you hope to run into the future love of your life, then you need to be prepared to make that process work for you. For instance, if you see someone that looks attractive what do you do? You must be able to reach out and make a connection. There are many books on this topic of helping you to connect to and date people through an organic approach. For example:

Changing Your Game: A Man’s Guide to Success with Women

How to Succeed with Women

To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man: The Keys to Catch a Great Guy

How to Date!: Single Girls’ Dating Manual

Dating help via technology

For lesser mortals, online dating, speed dating, old fashioned singles events and mobile apps might be the way to go.

Old fashioned singles events are a great way to meet people but the issue is  such events frequently have the same people at them, repeatedly. Also, getting to talk to the person you want may be difficult. You certainly need to be bold and courageous to approach someone and strike up a conversation.

Mobile apps like Tinder may work but they are so focused on that immediate gratification which is not for everyone.

Dating approaches in summary

There are many ways to move forward and find the date you want. Much of it depends on what you want, what you are willing to do for it and how prepared you are.

To go organic you need a bunch of confidence and ability to approach people. It would help to read up and improve yourself.

To speed date is usually easy and real, so you can tell on the spot if the chemistry is there. You still need to present yourself nicely and communicate well, in a short time, like 5 minutes.

Online dating websites take longer and need a lot of dedication and there are risks like fake profiles or outright liars that disappoint. Constant emailing back and forth and lots of people window shopping continuously can make it a bit frustrating.

Singles events are a  great way to go as organized activities might help you meet the right person. The downside can be that they may be infrequent or you may not have them in your area. This challenge may also apply to speed dating events too.

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