Why should you speed date??

Take that first step

People who speed date, often let us know after they find that special someone, sharing their love story of when and at which event they met, the connection they felt that night, etc. One of the things we are always interested in asking them is what advice they would give someone who is just beginning their search for a meaningful relationship. Very consistently, people tell us the most important thing they did was to take the first step, which everyone does differently.

Some people start making themselves more visible by going out more to social clubs, bar and lounges.
Meanwhile others join online networking matching/dating sites in hopes they will read, see and eventually meet a compatible match.

No pressure no way

However, what is most interesting to us is that people love to speed date more than the other methods because it gives you the exposure you want without the awkward commitment. The beauty of speed dating is that you get to see if there is chemistry right then and there. You are then able to follow up or not in a no pressure way.

It is a very fun, open and exciting environment that can easily lead to a second, third, fourth and even last date.



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